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About Us

IFF organizers are a group of people who are called to make 2022 the year of Indonesia’s promotion in the country GERMANY under the social organization MERPATI e.V. (Verein Red and White True, VR 16803) and cooperate with the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Frankfurt.

Our Goal

Introducing Indonesian Art and Culture

Performance of indonesian dances from different regions/islands. Concerts with Indonesian instruments, such as Gamelan, Angklung, Seruling, as well as performances of Wayang (shadow plays) and Pencak Silat (traditional Indonesian martial arts). Indonesian handicrafts from local production (small business / Micro Industry) such as Batik, handicrafts and jewelry made of silver/bronze are a core theme of the IFF. Another field of attention at the IFF is to represent the tourist country Indonesia

Investment Oppurtinities in Indonesia

We cordially invite you to have a conversation with the Indonesian delegations. Representatives of different Indonesian regions and small/mid-sized entrepreneurs will attend the IFF. Many agricultural products like coffee, palm oil, cocoa, natural rubber, food production, and hand-made work such as Batik and jewelry can be found at the IFF.

Development of National Education

Various educational themes that can be raised in discussion events, talk shows, etc. at IFF are especially
useful for the younger generation of Indonesia, such as: themes on sustainability, ecology, leadership and democratic tolerance.

Our Motivation

The IFF serves as a foundation for cultural diversity and substantial economic potential. We intend to improve the progress and meaning of Indonesia as a part of the international community, Europe, and particularly Germany

“IFF 2022 is the most significant foundation to represent Indonesia’s culture, tourism, economy and education in Germany/Frankfurt.”

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This festival applies to all local people, don't forget to comply with health protocols during the pandemic

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